Workplace Wellness

Building Employee Resilience

 Hi, welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit us. Our Create Something New (CSN) workplace programs are designed to build employee resilience and to help your employees with reducing stress and better cope with ongoing change within businesses.

“More than 1 in 4 employees report they have experienced moderate to severe levels of stress in a 2013 survey.”

Source: Stress and Well-being in Australia Survey 2013, Australian Psychological Society.

CSN programs can be stand alone and we can tailor them to your business needs, however we believe our programs also seek to sustain or enhance any existing leadership or coaching course in which you are currently engaged in. By utilising the CSN Self Development program as a complimentary program to what is currently being performed, your employees have a much greater chance in implementing and assimilating what they have learnt during the course. We do this by having insights into how people behave and operate in all levels of the workplace.

We provide a pre and post course program, that ensures a higher take up of newly acquired skills. It’s essentially changing mindset to help your employees take ownership and sustain motivation through continuing engagement during business change.

How Effective Are Your Leaders?

So how effective are your business leaders? Do they create the environments that inspire their people to do the bare minimum, or do they inspire their people to take accountability and be motivated to help achieve your vision?

These are all valid questions when seeking out assistance to train your people. In our experience at CSN, we’ve found that many businesses engage in upskilling and leadership training/executive coaching, however much of what is delivered doesn’t seem to stick!

If you work in a business that values you enough to provide some kind of coaching or leadership course then you all know many times we complete these courses and feel little has changed when participants head back in to the work environment. We almost always slip back in to the same habits when interacting with your people.

A Different Approach

At CSN we take a different approach. We believe in complimenting any type of training or upskilling with an initial program, which is designed to raise the employee’s awareness of their current mindset. We then seek to transform the repeating pattern that they have, which is causing them to fall back in to old habits.

Creating Lasting Change

The CSN program focuses in on highlighting habitual patterns and perceptions by bringing them out of the subconscious mind and into conscious awareness.  Sounds easy? Well, scientists estimate we have between 60 to  80 thousand thoughts a day, with around 95% of them being the same thoughts you had yesterday. So breaking repetitive cycles can be challenging for most. However, through focused methodologies and proven techniques, we draw these patterns out and teach your employees to recognise them, to then transform them into new, well serving behavioural patterns.

Let’s Chat

If what we’ve mentioned so far sounds interesting and you would like to have an initial chat to learn more about these programs, and how they work please do not hesitate fill in the contact form on this page below, or if you prefer you can either Gino or Michelle at Our aim is to help you to provide your employees with the skills needed to not only cope with change in the workplace, but to help enhance their effectiveness whilst being at work.

The programs consist of four modules and a mobile app that will help support their transformation on a daily basis. This approach makes up a comprehensive course that sets you on your path to self mastery. These modules cover, “Raising Self Awareness”, “Building Resilience”, “Mastering the Self” and “Creating Something New”.

For get more information right now, you can download our CSN Self Mastery Program document or contact

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