Set clear intentions


Do you set new year resolutions? Are there goals you wish to achieve before your next birthday? Perhaps you have a 3 year plan? A 5 year plan?

How successful have you been in achieving all that you wish for?

Studies have shown that setting clear intentions including when, where and how a goal is to be achieved makes it more likely to be achieved.

If you want to adopt a new exercise routine, deciding on all the details relating to the new routine will help you stick with it much easier than if they were left ambiguous.

If you want to improve your diet, be specific as to what that means. If you want to improve your work life balance, decide on a specific action you choose to commit to.

Try this exercise to create something new:

Choose one goal you wish to set and determine when, where and how you want to realise the goal. See if this helps you creat something new.


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