Mastering Self

Connect to your inner wisdom

Have you ever questioned what life is all about? Have you come to a point in your life when things just do not seem to make sense? Wondered maybe why specific things have happened to you. Have you just sat back and had the ultimate thought…”Who am I and what is life all about?”

Well, congratulations! You’ve made it! You’ve just made one of the biggest shifts that any human being can make in their life. You’ve just gained a whole new level of awareness that is about to set you on the best journey of your life.

You see, you’re not alone…that’s exactly what I went through and many others before me. I have been where you are now…and looking back now it seemed all very scary, but believe me…it’s one of the biggest adventures you could ever embark on. One that can be full of amazing things…if you choose it to be!

Creating a Life of Choice

You see, that’s what it’s all about. “Choice”. And the awareness of it! That’s why I created a program that helps you through this journey. It’s a Self Mastery journey, which helps answers all of the most important questions I mentioned earlier.

One on One

So, by now you’re probably asking how does all this work? Well, it’s essentially a four to six month intensive program that covers everything from raising your awareness, changing your bad habits, re-engineering your perceptions, understanding others and ultimately finding your life’s purpose. It’s a fortnightly one hour catch-up where we go through each step mentioned above, to essentially help you gain awareness and take control of your life. To create a life of your choosing. We go through some self assessment techniques, which have been developed to help look within yourself for the answers you seek.

You see, a higher level of awareness is the point where things can change, or another way of looking at it; is an opportunity to make the choice to change.
That’s the path to your true self. This change can occur in a millisecond or lifetime. However, what is absolute is that you have the power to choose what that change will be, rather than letting things happen to you and expecting your life to be as you want it to be.

Once this change in you occurs, you begin to live more consciously. You tend to be aware of your surroundings and how you are feeling throughout the day. What’s more important is, once you become more conscious, then you realise your life is more than just your body. Your consciousness is part of something bigger, which you can inherently tap into. It’s the opportunity to become the observer and not the observed.

So, being more aware of your thoughts and feelings, rather than reacting to them. This is not about controlling your feelings, it’s actually surrendering to the moment and trusting that what you are feeling, or experiencing is part of who you truly are and a by-product of what you wanted to create in your life. So observing your feelings will help with decisions you make throughout your life, such as anything from the type of job you want or even the type of foods you decide to eat. They are all based on your level of consciousness about yourself and what you intent to create.

Let’s Chat

If what we’ve mentioned so far sounds interesting and you would like to have an initial chat to learn more about the Self Mastery program, and what’s involved please do not hesitate fill in the contact form on this page below or if you prefer you can contact either Gino or Michelle at

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