How to become more focused during your day


Whenever you hear the notification of a new message coming through on your devices, do you automatically check to see what’s new?

Many of us have become conditioned to stop whatever we are doing and attend to it immediately. Whether we are in the middle of something important or having a meaningful conversation, we seem to prioritise this checking ahead of staying in the moment.

We lose focus. We risk our safety sometimes by reading texts and emails in the car. Somehow we let ourselves become distracted by the thought of an unread message.

Research shows that frequent email checks can temporarily lower your intelligence more than being stoned.

So smarten up and resist the urge to check your inbox or text messages simply out of habit or as a way to relieve boredom.

Try this exercise to create something new:

Set aside certain times in the day to check and respond to emails and social media. For all other times, log off.

Try this for 2 weeks and see if you have greater focus.


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