How do I begin living more consciously?


Over the years, I have experienced throughout my life, times of stress and anxiety, which have provided me with many opportunities to grow and evolve as a human being. Many of us are living lives of stress and anxiety, due to a busy lifestyle and heavy workloads. Many of us also go through life thinking these times are just “things” or “stuff” that happens as part of living a normal life in our current society. I’ve heard many times people say “life is so hard”…or “it’s not my fault that’s happened to me”.

I have come to realise and prefer to look at these times as signposts along the way, which provide guidance and a chance to create something new! To live consciously one needs to come to an awareness that you’re living unconsciously. Along the way, the universe has this beautiful habit of sending you perceived problems or what I call “gifts”, that provide an opportunity for you to open yourself to a higher awareness of who you are and what affects you have in the world around you. So, this happens through a shift or a thought that sparks your higher sense of awareness. It can come from a single thought or a decision to question, such as “why is this happening to me?”…or “how did I get to this point?” The trick here is to stop and listen to the answer! That’s when change begins to occur and you begin to look from within, instead of from without.

It’s only through coming to that realisation that the answers are within you and you start to raise awareness to it that brings back your power, which places you more in control of your life. A higher level of awareness is the point where things can change, or another way of looking at it; is an opportunity to make the choice to change. That’s the path to your true self. This change can occur in a millisecond or lifetime. However, what is absolute is that you have the power to choose how long this change will take.

Once this change in you occurs, you begin to live more consciously. You tend to be aware of your surroundings and how you are feeling throughout the day. What’s more important is, once you become more conscious, then you realise your life is more than just your body. Your consciousness is part of something bigger, which you can inherently tap into. It’s the opportunity to become the observer and not the observed. So, being more aware of your thoughts and feelings, rather than reacting to them. This is not about controlling your feelings, it’s actually surrendering to the moment and trusting that what you are feeling, or experiencing is part of who you truly are and a by-product of what you wanted to create in your life. So observing your feelings will help with decisions you make throughout your life, such as anything from the type of job you want or even the type of foods you decide to eat. They are all based on your level of consciousness about yourself and what you intent to create.

An effective way to help connect to your consciousness is to go into silence. Simply closing your eyes and becoming aware that you are sitting in this place will immediately connect you with this level of consciousness and will place you in the present moment, therefore you become the observer. Even sitting in this place with your eyes open, but not speaking a word for 5 minutes can help you connect. The key here is to be in silence. This can also be the beginnings of a meditation practice. Meditation has been proven to decrease stress and reverse the effects of ageing. So there is power in sitting in silence, however there are many ways to meditate and no real wrong way.

I believe meditation is empowering, however there are also many misconceptions about meditation. Many think that to perform meditation you must stop thinking or think of nothing. Being an avid meditator myself, my experience has shown me to look at meditation as a way of flushing out your thoughts. It helps with providing solutions to the issues that you are potentially experiencing in your life at any given time. So, it’s best not to judge yourself on how to meditate or what to think about whilst meditation. Allow your thoughts arise, then in your own time becoming aware of those thoughts, and when you can, bring your attention back to your breath; It’s that simple. Many people prefer to be guided or even listen to soothing music whilst meditating. I say, go for it and try a few different methods. You’ll soon find the one method or many methods you’ll find will work best for you, so have fun with it.

In conclusion, living consciously is really within your power to create, and in essence a choice. What is absolutely clear is that all of us beautiful human beings have the capability to lead a less stressed lifestyle and be more aligned with your true purpose. Next time, when you have feelings of not being quite right inside, sit quietly, listen intently for that opportunity to make the choice to create something new.

Try this exercise to create something new:
Sit in silence and stillness, and do not speak for 5 minutes everyday.
Try this for 2 weeks and see if you create something new.

Written by Gino Severin


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