Life and Career Coaching

Work and Career Life Coaching

At Create Something New we believe that you have the power to choose to create something new in every moment. You have the choice to let your subconscious programs run, or consciously respond in a new or different way.

Ask yourself

How long have you felt you have been coasting? How often do you doubt yourself? Find it hard to find the motivation or dream of a change?

Personal 1:1 approach

At CSN we focus on a personal approach with 1:1 coaching, specialising on your work and career.  We are here to help you create something new in your life. We do this through working closely with you, guiding you through each step of your coaching journey.

What is coaching?

A structured, yet individual way, to help keep you on track and moving towards your dreams.  A process of conversations and reflections that supports resourcefulness and resilience allowing you to apply learnings in all aspects of your life.

Your coaching journey is supported by goal setting, your own personal cheer squad and guide to help you move forward and create the change you desire. Supporting you to realise your potential – creatively, respectfully and honestly.

Why work with me?

At CSN we are passionate about working with people to help them identify their true self.  Shine a light on what is not working well as you would like and balance this with what is working well.  Working on what not only success looks like, but more importantly what it feels like.

Meet your coach

Michelle is an experienced Human Resources professional with over 15 years working in a variety of business ranging from service industries to banking and finance.  A Beautiful You Life Coaching graduate and an Certified Organisational Coach, Level 1, ICEL. Passionate about career coaching, Michelle works with individuals seeking a change whether within current role, a step up position, a new move, or looking to create something new.

Get started

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