The Beginnings of a Meditation Practise The Beginnings of a Meditation Practise The benefits of meditation are now very well known, both experientially and scientifically. However, the question needs to be asked why is there still some resistance to even contemplating a meditation practise? I believe it’s in the perceptions of this Read more
When a meditation is not a meditation Is a 50 minute meditation session more beneficial than a 10 minute one? Yes. And no. If you are comfortable sitting in silence for 50 minutes or longer, then yes, this is very beneficial. However, for many, especially beginners, this can be frustrating and becomes a Read more
How to become more focused during your day Whenever you hear the notification of a new message coming through on your devices, do you automatically check to see what's new? Many of us have become conditioned to stop whatever we are doing and attend to it immediately. Whether we are in the middle of Read more
Set clear intentions Do you set new year resolutions? Are there goals you wish to achieve before your next birthday? Perhaps you have a 3 year plan? A 5 year plan? How successful have you been in achieving all that you wish for? Studies have shown that setting clear Read more
What’s your morning routine? Are you usually frantic in the mornings or are you able to remain calm and in control? Have you ever realised how you start your day can dictate how the rest of your day unfolds? It seems once you are in the feeling that all is Read more