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Create Something New delivers health and wellbeing programs for improved mental health to cope better with business change.

What We Do

Create Something New offers business/employee wellness programs and coaching with a difference.

Why We Exist

My name is Gino Severin and I founded this business with MichelleGino Severin and Michelle Arundel Arundel. Both of us have worked in corporate business for more than 20 years, at all different levels, both managing and leading teams throughout this time. Michelle has a strong Human Resources background, which helps with being sympathetic to the challenges of managing people, or more importantly managing business change. I have managed and lead both sales and marketing teams within the IT industry over the past 15 years, which has provided me with insights, and has shown me that to achieve business success, the biggest contributing factor is “the employee”.

My Journey

In my late twenties, I embarked on a search to find happiness. I did pretty much all of it…reading countless self help books, attending many seminars, courses and ultimately after going through a challenging health scare, I decided that this quest to find the answers I sought was not so much a quest for me, but a longing within me to help others. To share what I have learnt over these challenging times, so that others can possibly see that their lives can be different. Your life can be so much more that what you perceive yourself to be today. So, I then began the process of documenting my experiences and knowledge to inevitably create a program to help employees, and ultimately businesses, cope with change.

Building Employee Resilience

Our CSN programs are designed to build employee resilience and to help employees better cope with ongoing culture change within businesses. CSN programs can be stand alone and we can tailor them to the business needs, however we believe our programs also seek to sustain or enhance any existing leadership or coaching course in which a business is currently engaged in. By utilising the CSN Self Development program as a complimentary program to what is currently being performed, the employees have a much greater chance in implementing and assimilating what they have learnt during the course. We do this by having insights into how people behave and operate in all levels of the workplace. We provide a pre and post course program, that ensures a higher take up of newly acquired skills. It’s essentially changing mindset to help the employee take ownership and sustain motivation through continuing engagement during business change.

What’s unique about CSN?

By adopting a wellness approach, CSN uses proven health and wellbeing techniques and combines these with scientific fact, to create a wellness program that assists in creating lasting change within individuals. The unique program raises awareness within the individual and gets to the core of breaking through hardened perceptions and habits, therefore limiting our way of thinking, ultimately holding us back from true potential.

We invite you to join our community of change and help spread the message of conscious creation.